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*All deposits are non-refundable. All bookings require a deposit.



Clients cancelling less than 24 hours of appointment will forfeit their deposit amount of $20. If a client books their appointment within 24 hours or less the client must make any cancellations within 3 hours of their scheduled appointment time to avoid forfeiting their deposit. If the time of  cancellation is not made within the 3 hour time frame, rescheduling or booking another appointment in the future will require a deposit that must be paid prior to booking the appointment.

Late Arrivals/ No Shows

If a client will be more than 15 mins late for their scheduled appointment please text or call immediately. Should a client not show up for their scheduled appointment and fail to notify Brandie Monae of their no show status the kind will be subject to pay a $20 no show fee.


Payment Issues

Should payment be rendered as non sufficient funds or charge-back the client will be responsible for paying in cash immediately.

Tel: (214) 532-1335

Dallas, TX

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